Taken from printed material: Shalom and thank you for helping me print the prayer flags that are hanging throughout the church and will over the course the summer continue to be placed throughout our campus. Tibetan tradition uses prayer flags to bless and purify the area in which they are hung. The flags are not prayers themselves as much as prayed over objects that carry a blessing into the area in which they are hung. By having the worship theme of Seeking Shalom during our Pentecost season granted an interesting opportunity to include other cultures traditions into this work; just as at Pentecost every language became the language of the church we can take the languages and traditions of other cultures and use them within our church life. In this case there are seven different languages hanging in our church English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Mayan. Each carrying a rich heritage of deep meanings that go far beyond describing simply a lack of conflict but instead a great peace that is beyond our understanding.

The Shalom flag installation in the sanctuary is only part of this project over the next couple months as we continue to Seek Shalom and print more flags we will hang them in the front of Shepherd of the Hills, a manifestation of Shalom flowing out of this place into the rest of the community. As part of this flow, congregants will be invited to hang a string or two of the prayer flags in front house of their own home's. Creating the beautiful opportunity to have a car pass our church and then find the same Shalom flags in front of a home in their own neighborhood. Both a simple reminder and a powerful statement that God's peace can be found anywhere. As these flags sway in the breeze inside or out I hope the powerful message of Shalom settles into your heart and lives. Again Shalom.

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